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My name is Jason Buksh,

I’m a QA adviser to technology professionals and projects. I help companies build engaged and self learning teams that deliver rapid quality software.

My background is technology.  I was programming BBC microprocessors using assembly at a fairly young age.  As I progressed throughout my career I became more interested in fixing projects and making them work better.  We have a lot of engineering talent in the industry, but we don’t seem to have as much capability in helping that talent achieve success in projects.

I’m a Senior Consultant at BJSS, we build Enterprise Agile Solutions with an emphasis on delivery.  I’m fortunate to work within a company that hosts some fantastic talent.   We have a culture that has a very grounded and no nonsense approach, this suits me as it allows me to be me.

My engineering and QA background allow me to bridge gaps and plug holes. I’ve occupied a number of roles during my career – Trouble Shooter, Delivery Manager, Technical PM & Scrum Master.  All roles which allow an influence on the outcome of a project and involve interaction with a different stakeholders.  QA touches everything …. if you allow it to.

I’m interested in people and their interactions, because no matter which way you cut it – its always ends up being about people.  Some approaches simply give teams and individuals more room to shine and succeed.

I also have a growing interest in organisation psychology, or company culture.  As I’ve progressed and hit barriers I’ve realised that this actually matters.  You can affect change within a cell, but in reality it’s the marco effects of organisational culture that will eventually win out.  It’s useful to know the limits of change you can affect and when to stop fighting the tide.

I’m going to share my experience, learnings, ideas and thoughts in the hope that someone out there will find them useful and allow them to get from A to B much faster and with much less friction. Let me know if my ramblings aid you, or don’t.

My mission is see projects run effectively and efficiently, the wasted effort and cost associated with undesirable outcomes can be avoided.  Imagine a world where every project is destined to succeed …. or fail rapidly.

Embedding good QA throughout the lifecycle will allow us to get somewhere near there.


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